What is CUKCUK?

CUKCUK is the Cloud-based Restaurant Management Platform that helps restaurants to get real-time reports, take mobile ordering, payment, manage kitchen processing, inventory, purchasing, … On the other hands, it encompasses a range of solutions – including marketing, customer experience management, HRM, …

Outstanding benefits we bring to your bussiness

Access real-time reports from anywhere
  • Achieve real-time revenue, profit, cost, inventory, promotion, …
  • Comparative sales reports by time, items, staffs, …
  • Make in-time business decisions if you are on the go with Mobile optimizated Application
Automate the workflow to save labor cost
  • Tableside ordering on mobile, which minimize errors and provide customers the impeccable experience
  • Track the kitchen processing, reducing the waiting time
  • Fast and accurate payment on flexible devices such as mobile, tablet, POS, …
Tightly control loss
  • Automatically compare between bills and orders, check bills and kitchen ticket issues to detect differences
  • Check the cancellation of dishes and orders to avoid cheating
  • Measure and forecast the quantity of required ingredients to purchase just in time
  • Compare the actual use of ingredients with measurement to reduce waste
Raise the customer satisfaction
  • Intergrated with the digital membership management system helps to redeeming points and rewards
  • Notify the special sale or e-voucher to the specific customers
  • Expand the ordering channels, which attract new customers and increase return rate
  • Get real-time reports and insights
  • Save printing cost
Manage the multi-branches on your fingertip
  • Centralize information from all branches to generate more than 40 real – time comparative reports and analytics
  • Manage different types of restaurant in one domain
  • Completely control over stock levels in each branch with automatically updated General account of input – output – inventory on mobile phone for transferring decision
  • Take initiative at recording cash-in/cash-out status at anytime
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Why more than 30,000 customers all over the world accompanied with us?

The all things you need
  • Suits all types of restaurant such as table service, quick service, delivery, take away, … with specific version
  • Meets the requirements of all departments: receptionist, waitstaff, cashier, bartender/chief, food runner
  • More than 10 operative modules in the back-end with more than 40 real-time reports for making decision
Ease to use
  • 5 minute to familiarize with the system
  • Free tutorial videos and documents that saves training cost
Cloud-Mobile technology application
  • Achieve real-time reports on mobile or any devices
  • Automatically upgrade features/versions
  • Work well without Internet connection
We are local
  • Supports the local languages and regulations about tax, tips or security policies
  • Complies with the local requirement of Department of Finance
The most trusted brand
  • Offically credited by more than 250,000 enterprises, organizations and household business in more than 15 countries
  • Qualified CSA Star, CMNI Dev, … for International Data Protection Standard
  • More than 100 certificates and awards such as ASOCIO Award 2018, APICTA 2019, …
High return of investment
  • Work well on all the devices without investing in new equipment
24/7 customer service
  • Monthly updated version with no extra cost
  • Local proffesors that provide consulting and implementation service (list partners)
  • Multi-channels advisory: call center, chatbot, forum, email, …

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