Blog 5 brilliant restaurant hacks – 5 ways to save money

5 brilliant restaurant hacks – 5 ways to save money

Every day, as an owner, you always think on how to save money but still provide quality food and service to your customers. Those restaurant hacks will be exactly what you are looking for. They are easy to implement and have a great impact for you, your restaurant and your customer.
1. Create/design a better menu.
A simple mistake is to have too many items in your menu that you don’t sell them often. With a precise and focus menu, you can save money on raw materials. You also enable to master the quality of each dish you delivery to your customer table. Inventory management starts from customizing your menu effectively.

2. Find the vendors which fits you
Review and compare the quotation from each vendor to find out the best value. Cheap price is not always the right choice, you have to do research on the vendor, the quality of products they delivery, why their price level is different from others… It is good to have 2-3 vendors who specialize on specific categories of your products. Creating an agreement contract to make sure both of you have benefits you wanted and keep the price fair.

3. Have better menu pricing strategy
Logically, while your vendor is increasing prices on you daily, you have to charge the same price to customers. Therefore, you need to find a pricing model and approach your customer slowly. 
For example: You can increase the price of 2-3 items monthly by a nickel or a dime. By doing it, you will increase the entire item on your menu yearly without shocking your customer.

4. Save electric cost on your restaurant
Replace your electric devices with the ones can save you money. The devices might be expensive at first but they can operate in a long run and save you money along the way.
For example: LED lighting for traditional bulbs  

5. Run your fridge efficiently
Make sure the walk-in door seal is tight and free from gaps so cold air can’t escape. Organizing your time and item so you can go in and out to pick up something you are actually need. 
You can start doing the 5 restaurant hacks right away when you open your restaurant tomorrow. Let me know how it goes, and feel free to share your ideas with us to help you and other fellows to save money for restaurants. Good luck!