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5 tips to help you minimize the noise for the cafe right away


The moment your restaurant get crowed is also the time you could lose your customer. When you restaurant is “packed”, noises from customer, kitchen and outside could create a distressing atmosphere. Some customer would feel uncomfortable and not satisfy with the service, and so they would never want to come back your restaurant. 

So what are the solutions to solve problem above? How can a small coffee shop still provide private space for customers but at the same time customers still can chat comfortably ? This article can suggest some methods to minimize noises in your shop.

1.Wood can absorb sound

The decoration of the restaurant with too many or too few items/furniture is also likely to increase noise. Using ceramic tiles or stones are both make the sound diffuse quicker, instead you can use wood or plywood pieces to limit the echo. If you use wood flooring, it can absorb customer stepping sound which makes them feel more comfortable when walking.

2. Utilize fabric as a choice of decoration

Fabric are commonly used in decoration in cafes shop. An experimental results show that fabric have the ability to absorb sound, so it is quite effective to apply using fabric for decoration through hanging or covering others appliance to reduce noise. The majority of cafes choose curtains as a way to shade the sun as well as decors better.

3. Prioritize cool color

For a typical type of cafe like a book cafe, cafe that design with quiet relaxing space, choosing cool colors will make customers feel more peaceful. In particular, cool colors help customer feel more relax. There are research that state warm color makes customer want to eat more but it make them feel secretive and stuffy.

4. The lighting factor.

Lighting selection also plays a very important in reducing noise in cafe. Human vision has a significant impact on their hearing. Using light that is too bright, customer would feel sensitive to the surrounding sounds and it is directly affecting their mood when enjoying being in your cafe.Truly speaking, using soft light does not improve the sound insulation problem of the shop, but it is an extremely effective to customer feel relax in a noisy space.

5. Soundproof door To ensure that sound cannot be transmitted to the outside restaurant should use soundproof doors, it is extremely effective and commonly used in cafes shop. All kinds of glass or wooden doors can be highly used for soundproof.

In the situation, your shop is located close to the road or heavy traffic area or near residential areas, soundproofing doors really work great. One more tip, you should ensure that the openings of the glass doors have been completely sealed so that noises have do not enter your common space.