Blog MISA has a new strategic partner in Cambodia

MISA has a new strategic partner in Cambodia

Sincere thanks to the strategic partner FARAX (Cambodia) Co., Ltd for visiting MISA HCM office and participating in a 2-day practical training on how to deploy the software and updating the latest features of CUKCUK.COM Restaurant Management solution.
Cambodia – A country which is no stranger to Vietnamese people. This is one of the countries with close relationship with our country. In recent years, with the continuous integration and development of technology 4.0, Cambodia is on the way of using software and applications in the restaurant sector.

In particular, FARAX (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., The company has more than 05 years of experience in providing hardware equipment for businesses and IT solutions for domestic organizations and individuals. The company is currently developing CamShip mobile applications specializing in delivery. So the company’s next plan will be to distribute CUKCUK software to restaurants, MSHOPKEEPER to stores and then management software for small and medium enterprises in Cambodia market.

Hopefully with this cooperation, the Overseas Market Development Department in particular and MISA in general will continue to provide more products that not only stop at CUKCUK.COM but also many other utility software, promoting and expanding the international market!

Wishing the cooperation between MISA and FARAX – Cambodia is growing and successful!